The Conference welcomes contributions from across the spectrum of theory, research and practice of education. The 5th ICOMEU especially focuses on the following sub-themes: Organizational challenges, educational innovation, educational ecosystems, educational leadership, knowledge management, digitalization of education etc.

Organizational challenges for education

  • Organizational commitment
  • Grand challenges and business education
  • Effectiveness of organizational management

Educational innovation and change

  • Implementation of educational innovation
  • Politics of educational innovation
  • Research into educational innovation
  • Systemic change in education
  • Conceptural change in education

Emerging educational ecosystems

  • Integration of technology and educational ecosystems
  • Key actors in educational ecosystems
  • Sustainability of educational ecosystems

Educational leadership and management

  • Trends in educational leadership
  • Conceptualization of educational leadership
  • Instructional quality and educational leadership

Knowledge management in education

  • Knowledge management and digital transformation
  • Green knowledge management
  • Knowledge management initiatives

Digitalization of education

  • Contirbution of digitalization in education
  • Emergent developments in digitalization
  • Aspects of digitalization in education

Pedagogy and schooling

  • Resilience and transformation
  • Contemplative pedagogy
  • Pillars of online pedagogy
  • Entrepreneurship education

Differentiation and inclusion

  • Programmating differentiation
  • Institutional differentiation
  • Influence of differentiation on the development of teaching

Adult education and lifelong learning

  • Artificial intelligence in adult education
  • Stakeholders in adult education
  • International and comparative adult education

Education and learning sciences

  • Cultural education
  • Political education
  • Practical education

Educational marketing

  • Digital marketing in education
  • Trends in marketing of educational agencies
  • Marketing research in education

Evaluation and quality in education

  • Fundamentals of educational quality
  • Optimization of quality in education
  • Stakeholders in educational quality

Submitted abstracts should be relevant to the overall conference theme and at least one of the conference sub-themes. Abstracts should be written in English and should be submitted in time (see below for “important dates”). All contributions must be original (i.e. not been published elsewhere), follow the rules of academic writing, structure and method. Submissions will blind-reviewed by two anonymous peer-reviewers. Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference Book of Abstracts.