The 3rd ICOMEU 2020 International e-Conference was hosted and organized by the International Hellenic University. The units responsible for the Conference organization were: the Program of Postgraduate Studies (Master of Science) in Management of Educational Units and the Department of Organizations Management, Marketing and Tourism of the International Hellenic University.   The state-of-the-art conference program included: a) a high quality scientific research track with refereed paper presentations, b) cutting-edge keynote speakers and roundtables from the academia, and the public sector, c) a student paper presentations track and a PhD workshop.


In the past few years, many countries have witnessed significant transformations and reforms in their education systems, including the emergence of new types of educational units, changes in patterns of financing, the establishment of evaluation and accreditation mechanisms, and technological innovations. The emergence of SARS‐CoV‐2 in late 2019 and human responses to the resulting COVID‐19 pandemic in early 2020 rapidly changed many aspects of educational mechanisms and procedures.

The COVID-19 pandemic caught every aspects of life and business, the educational system included, by surprise. Whilst digital transformation is not a novel phenomenon, this process consists of adequate strategic preparation, trust establishment, thinking in processes, amalgamation and reinforcement of all parties involved, separate, collaborative and organizational knowledge.

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