ICOMEU2023 is the fifth International Conference on the Management of Educational Units, the successful yearly conference series which started in 2018. The ICOMEU 2023 International e-Conference is hosted and organized by the International Hellenic University. It is designed to provide a unique opportunity for educators and researchers, academics and practitioners from universities, schools, educational organizations, cultural institutions, businesses, industries, and other private and public agencies around the world to share and discuss their innovative practices, research initiatives, and educational instruments which advance the delivery of instruction, learning and research but also the management of educational units. This year the Conference is jointly organized by the postgraduate program M.Sc. on ‘Management of Educational Units’, offered by the Department of Business Administration, Marketing and Tourism, and the M.Sc., at the International Hellenic University, Greece. ICOMEU 2023 will be held on-line, as was the previous ICOMEU 2022 conference, taking into consideration the difficulties which the Covid-19 pandemic still creates for massive on-site events, which require people to travel from around Europe and the world.

This year, the Conference points up the processes and practices towards the development of future-oriented educational ecosystems. It aims at taking stock of innovative research, theoretical approaches, and instructional practices, but also at opening new perspectives and offering new directions for research, theory, and practices in education in general and in the functioning and management of educational organizations in particular.

Efficient and effective management of educational units is crucial for integrating innovative pedagogical approaches and practices into the learning process, for bringing out the highest potential of the human resources of educational organizations, for including students, provide them with agency, identity, and sense of belonging, and for giving voice to education stakeholders. It is essential for valuing and advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity for students with special needs, migrant and refugee children, youth across the gender/sexuality spectrum, ethnic and religious minorities, members of at risk and marginalized groups. Educational management can enhance life-long learning across the educational community, an indispensable element of future educational ecosystems.

The three-day ICOMEU 2023 virtual conference aspires to provide participants with networking opportunities and help them share and disseminate their own experiences and ideas. Participants will enjoy an exciting three days of innovation, inspiration, and connection, will attend thought-provoking presentations and sessions, lively workshops, and a special Ph.D. Students Workshop. ICOMEU 2023 will bring together academics and professionals and enhance their learning experiences towards an evolving future-oriented educational landscape.

Future pathways for educational ecosystems: Disruptions and Continuities

The 2020s have been, so far, extremely challenging for education: The Covid-19 Pandemic brought about the greatest disruption of educational services in more than a generation and increased “learning poverty” and exclusion. Moreover, climate crisis has heavily impacted living conditions and educational provision in many areas on the planet, and, together with old and new wars and conflicts, they have increased the number of migrants, refugees and victims of discrimination and exclusion across the globe.

While political, social, economic, environmental, and health crises have exacerbated existing educational problems and weaknesses, they have also highlighted the strengths of educational systems and the good practices behind them. They have also revealed new opportunities and pathways for the development of new educational ecosystems, through holistic, on-going, participatory reform. These new educational constellations, will be able to integrate new and innovative learning modes, balance cognitive and socio-emotional learning and student resilience, operate through effective leadership and management processes, leverage new digital technologies, and respond efficiently to future challenges.

During such challenging and uncertain times, educators need not merely address and face the unpredictable future but also be prepared, along with their students to anticipate forthcoming adversities and seize opportunities. Perception and use of knowledge, teaching methods, materials, means, and scopes need to be discussed and redefined. This educational “new deal” requires broader interdisciplinary collaborations expansion of the educational ecosystem and foremost the willingness to explore the equilibrium amongst artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the human cerebration.

Past ICOMEU conferences, covered issues like STEM, innovation, equity and excellence, and focused on the new realities faced by education systems, within the framework of emerging new normality and post-pandemic era. Key themes were highlighted and discussed among respected keynote speakers and researchers throughout the world leading to fruitful and constructive outcomes. ICOMEU 2023 will endeavor to identify the expectations and future directions of educational smart ecosystems, perceive the turning point of discontinuations during the didactic revolution, and finally contribute to the global discussion of a long terms educational vision.  Indeed, ICOMEU 2023 aim is to uncover the administrative, pedagogical, and psychological aspects of the educational ecosystems within the changing environment.

The official conference languages are Greek and English. There will be sessions in Greek and/or English.