ICOMEU2023 was the fifth International Conference on the Management of Educational Units, the successful yearly conference series which started in 2018. The ICOMEU 2023 International e-Conference was hosted and organized by the International Hellenic University. It was designed to provide a unique opportunity for educators and researchers, academics and practitioners from universities, schools, educational organizations, cultural institutions, businesses, industries, and other private and public agencies around the world to share and discuss their innovative practices, research initiatives, and educational instruments which advance the delivery of instruction, learning and research but also the management of educational units. The Conference was organized by the postgraduate program M.Sc. on ‘Management of Educational Units’, offered by the Department of Business Administration, Marketing and Tourism, International Hellenic University, Greece.

The three-day ICOMEU 2023 virtual conference provided participants with networking opportunities and helped them share and disseminate their own experiences and ideas.

Edited Book is available here